New to Education or Looking to Move Outside the Classroom?

Do you want to work in education but have limited experience? Are you a new teacher and want to advance your career in educational leadership? Then, the online Master of Arts in Educational Leadership with a concentration in P-12 Education program from Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) may be right for you. This online degree program is primarily intended for teachers with limited experience interested in advancing their education career. The program prepares educators to meet the needs of today’s P-12 students while developing an understanding of effective leadership, management and school organization.

Some topics covered in the curriculum include instructional leadership, curriculum and instruction foundations, school budgeting and reporting, human resources and school law with an emphasis on Florida statutes. The FGCU faculty members are highly skilled in providing students with the confidence and tools to move into various educational leadership roles.


How to Find a Job in Education

An assortment of careers exists for professionals who prefer not to work in the classroom but want to stay within the education field. The skills and experience gained in the classroom or education degree programs can transfer to different professions. For jobs outside of the classroom, it’s beneficial to promote your skills rather than teaching experience. Presenting your expertise in a way that fits into other positions can help you stand out in a crowd.


Education Careers Outside of the Classroom

There are many career options for those who want a job in education that doesn’t involve teaching. If you love working in an environment that is supportive and encouraging to students, there are plenty of alternatives to instructor positions, including:

  • Policy Expert. Those who have spent much time in and around educational institutions will eventually have positive and negative reactions to policies mandated by the school districts or states where they work. Those experiences and familiarity with legislation are the foundation for a career shaping the future of education. Policy Experts conduct research and synthesize data in written pieces to engage educational shareholders in ways to improve outcomes for students.
  • Educational consultant. Educational consultants may work in several schools within one district, or if a consulting company employs them, they may work with several school districts. Educational consultants work with the administration and teachers to improve instructional learning or provide instruction regarding educational technology, such as distance learning software.
  • Curriculum designer. Building curricula is a fantastic way to work with teachers and impact what students learn. A curriculum designer creates detailed and engaging curricula and effective learning programs. Some states may require a teaching license or an advanced degree to become a curriculum designer.

Career options outside the classroom include academic program developer, instructional designer, after-school program director, and professional development leader.


Next Steps

Suppose you want to assist students in achieving their learning goals while working outside the classroom. FGCU’s online educational leadership program can help you develop effective instructional practices, implement student assessments and manage a school in ways that maximize resources to create an effective and safe learning environment.

Learn more about Florida Gulf Coast University’s online Master of Arts in Educational Leadership with a concentration in P-12 Education program.

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