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Today’s modern schools need effective leadership to achieve positive student learning outcomes. There is a direct correlation between great leadership and the positive experience and performance of students. Good leadership comes from school principals and leadership staff who support and encourage educators and their teaching practices. Those driven to be future leaders in our schools can be the ones to bring about enduring change.


If you’re a new teacher or a professional with limited educational experience or without a teaching certificate, and you are interested in advancing your career in educational leadership, the online Master of Arts (M.A.) in Educational Leadership with a concentration in P-12 Education may be right for you. The Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) program will provide an understanding of successful school organization, leadership and management to meet the educational needs of P-12 students.


Benefits of Professional Development

Professional development is continuing education for professionals to stay current on new trends and learn new skills. Some fields require professional development to keep certification or licensure, usually through additional learning opportunities. Even if it’s not required, professionals who want to excel in their career will usually explore the options. If you’re a new teacher, it’s never too early to consider the benefits of professional development.


Investing in your education as a teacher is a way to advance academic growth for your students and professional growth for yourself. Keeping up with the latest trends and advancements in the field of education can set your students up for success. Enrolling in the online M.A. in Educational Leadership with a concentration in P-12 Education program from FGCU can provide an understanding of foundations of curriculum and instruction, school budgeting and reporting, human resources and school law, emphasizing Florida state regulations. Students enrolled in the program will participate in Internships I and II in Educational Leadership.


Coursework includes Data and Analysis in Education, Organizational Development, School Law, School Budgeting & Fin Reporting, Instructional Leadership, Human Resource Development and more. This online degree program can prepare you to pursue leadership careers in P-12 education, such as department chair, academic program developer, teacher leader, professional development leader and director of curriculum.


What Makes a Good School Leader?

An effective school leader uses their management skills and educational prowess to center their teaching staff around improving the quality of education for their students. Here are a few top skills of great school leaders:


  • Leading by example. Good leadership involves leading by example to create a positive and nurturing culture for the staff and students. A passionate leader is inspirational to everyone around them.

  • A leader who has a clear vision and can effectively communicate it can connect with the entire school and community.

  • Engaging with the community. A school leader who connects with their community and celebrates cultural differences ensures an inclusive learning environment.

  • Promoting positive change. Being open to change and learning about new trends in education can drive successful learning outcomes. Encouraging innovation and creativity within the school can create a positive school environment.


Next Steps

Graduates of the online P-12 education master’s program can enhance career goals in education by developing and implementing an instructional framework that aligns curriculum goals with state standards, student learning needs and successful instructional practices. By recruiting, retaining and developing a diverse faculty and staff, a school leader can, in turn, cultivate and support other leaders within the school.


Learn more about Florida Gulf Coast University’s online Master of Arts in Educational Leadership with a concentration in P-12 Education program.

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