Why Earn an MBA Online?

Pursuing an MBA brings up many factors for prospective students to consider. Deciding whether to enroll in an online program or a traditional on-campus program is usually a top consideration. Florida Gulf Coast University’s (FGCU) online MBA program offers many distinctive benefits to students. The program is affordable, flexible, accelerated and convenient, allowing students to continue working and managing daily life commitments while they earn their MBA. But there are also many more nuanced, less obvious reasons to earn your MBA online from FGCU.


Basic Benefits of Earning an MBA


The shared benefits of both online and campus-based MBA programs can be reason enough to earn the degree. Graduates can leverage their degree to increase their earning potential and likelihood of promotion. MBA holders also see higher employment rates. This means earning an MBA can improve a professional’s job security and competitive advantage on the job market.


The advanced study involved in earning an MBA can also provide students with knowledge and skills such as critical thinking and the ability to solve complex problems. This can increase a graduate’s performance on the job and aptitude for leadership. In turn, this can make graduates more viable candidates for mid- and high-level managerial positions. Earning an MBA is also associated with expanded job versatility, given the broad skill set conferred by a comprehensive MBA program.


Are Online Programs Less Expensive Than Traditional MBAs?


Some online MBA programs cost just as much or are more than campus-based programs. But the total tuition of FGCU’s online MBA program can be as low as $12,322. This represents substantial savings when compared to the average cost of MBA tuition — roughly $60,000 according to ThoughtCo.


Because students can continue working while earning an MBA online, they can also save on opportunity costs, such as foregone wages from not working while enrolled in a campus-based MBA. Online students also save on expenses like moving costs, the higher cost of living from campus-based programs in  expensive cities, commuting costs, childcare or caregiving costs for elderly family, to name a few.


What Other Opportunities Can I Take Advantage of While Earning My MBA Online?


Staying employed while earning your degree means continuing to advance in your career, earn promotions and raises, and take advantage of new job opportunities. Some employers are also willing to pay for employees to earn an MBA online. This benefits the employer in terms of increased performance and leadership aptitude in the employee as well as higher employee job satisfaction and retention rates.


FGCU’s accelerated MBA program can be completed in as few as 12 months, meaning you can take advantage of your MBA credential quicker than in a traditional two-year, campus-based program. Additionally, as an important personal benefit, the scheduling flexibility of online learning allows you to keep up with obligations and important events in life, such as spending quality time with loved ones.


Earning an MBA online may not be for everyone. But if substantial cost savings, income potential, career advancement and the flexibility to enjoy life’s essential moments are important to you, going online for an MBA from FGCU may be a smart move.


Learn more about Florida Gulf Coast University’s online MBA program.



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