Affordable Master in Education Programs Online

Master’s programs online give working educators a viable option to add a graduate degree, offering convenience, flexibility, and, in many cases, affordability.


Florida Gulf Coast University offers four affordable, online education master’s degree programs, each with a different focus: reading, elementary education, special education, and leadership in higher education. FGCU’s College of Education embraces a spirit of collaboration, inquiry and empowerment. And, because these programs are delivered and conducted entirely online, they have the flexible and affordable qualities that have already attracted many experienced educators.


Flexibility: Working at Your Own Pace


FGCU offers an accelerated program with multiple start dates, ideal for people who have busy work schedules and other obligations. There are multiple start dates throughout the year, making it simple to jump into the program at a time the most convenient for your schedule and life circumstances.


Any of the 33-36 credit-hour programs can be completed in as few as 12 months. The accelerated completion time is a compelling reason to choose an online degree, as you can more quickly incorporate what you learn into the classroom or move forward in new careers in a timely way.


Finishing quickly is not always the goal, however. Another benefit to an online program is that you can work at your own pace. Online learning happens on a timeline right for the way you learn and for your schedule. Whether you need extra time or are a speed reader, customization of the educational experience is a perk for those who choose an online degree.




Tuition for FGCU’s Master in Education programs — offered on a pay-by-the-course basis — is $1,119 per course for a program total as low as $13,428, with an out-of-state waiver available. Costs are subject to change at any time. When you take into consideration the other expenses of attending on-campus classes, like paying for gas, parking, toll and meals, the savings add up quickly.


When considering all the factors that go into choosing a master’s degree program, affordability is generally near the top of the list. The online Master of Education and Master of Arts programs offered by FGCU, named one of the top universities in the Southeastern region by the Princeton Review in 2020, are both flexible and affordable. Enrolling in an online program lets you work at your own pace and according to your schedule, saves you money, and gives you the opportunity to complete your degree quickly and start using the knowledge you’ve gained immediately and into the future.


Learn more about Florida Gulf Coast University’s online Master of Education programs.



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